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A break in the relationship.

Break is short cut for break up in relationships. If you want to take some time totally away from a person, it is not entirely as most people think, To figure things out, To think about what is going wrong. In most cases it is not going to help in getting back to each other. It will make the next process, the break up, easier.

Now when I say, you should take a break and date, here is what I mean: Get involved with outside interests and involved with things and activities and groups that interest you. Go on at least one, platonic date, with multiple people, with the sole purpose of getting to know "new" people. This "break" is not intended to each of you permission to hook up with anyone or everyone. It does mean however, you dont have any expectations about finding a "new" love interest. Instead, its an exercise in appreciating what each of you bring to the relationship. If you do decide to get married later. You dont need to have a chemical spark to go on these dates. If someone asks you out, say yes, even if the chemistry isnt there. Use it as a way of building your friendship skills with the opposite sex. Not to mention, this is the perfect time to get outside your comfort zone. Make a commitment to at least go on one date at least once a week. When on your date, be polite, have fun, if necessary set clear boundaries "no sex". Get to know the "new" person for who they are. its a simple experiment in getting to know all types of people. Each date will only be for a few hours, so there really isnt anything to lose. It might just be more entertaining than you think. Then, set a specific time frame to "reconnect" with your boyfriend. Six months tends to be a good time frame. Just be committed to this dating experiment. At the end of it all, you may have some interesting stories to share. A NOTE OF CAUTION: This process has a way of showing the cracks in a relationship. Its better to figure out how to mend the cracks together or end the relationship before you get married. If either of you want to break it off before or after the six months, because of insecurity or jealousy, be thankful that you found out then, because the relationship would have likely ended after you got married. A healthy marriage is trusting and loving and allows for platonic friends of the opposite sex. Wishing you all the best, Shawna.